Call Gallery

Below are a few of the recent calls we have been too.

Auto Accident - 5/5/20

346 Veterans Way


Engine 4, Tanker 4 and Utility 4 responded to a report of a tractor trailer overturned. The driver was self extricated upon arrival.

Auto Accident/Fire - 4/27/20

Kennedy Valley Rd & Barkley Rd


Engine 4 and Tanker 4 were dispatched to a vehicle fire, auto accident with entrapment. Upon arrive passersby had already extricated the victim out of the vehicle. 

Chimney Fire - 4/8/20

991 Veterans Way



Company 4 was dispatched for a chimney fire in Tyrone township. Chief 4-1 made his way to the second story bedroom to find the wallpaper starting to burn and smoke that was covering an access plate into the chimney. He extinguished the burning wallpaper saving the room from lighting off. At the same time crews made their way to the room to start knocking down the fire in the chimney.

Landing Zone - 3/26/20

285 Parkinson Rd


Engine 4 assisted Ambulance 49 with flight operations for a medical patient.

Garage Fire 5/20/20

5258 Waggoners Gap Rd


Engine 4, Tanker 4 and Tanker 4-1 were dispatched for a garage fire. Upon arrival the homeowner informed chief 4 that there was nearly 2000 gals of refined waste oil being stored in the garage. Hazmat was notified and DEP requested that the fire not be put out. Crews kept an eye on the building until Hazmat arrived. 

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