Call Gallery

Below are a few of the recent calls we have been too.

Wildfire 3/9/20

118 Hemlock Rd


Crews were dispatched for a small fire. Upon arrival fire was traveling fast up the mountain. Extra resources were needed to contain the fire. About 20 acres were burnt. 

House Fire - 2/21/20

Fox Hollow Rd

Shermans Dale

Engine 4, Tanker 4 and Tanker 4-1 were dispatched for a house fire in Carroll Township assisting Company 12.

Wild Fire - 3/9/20

397 Burn Hill Rd

Shermans Dale

Engine 4 and Utility 4 assisted Company 12 with a wild fire that burnt about an acre.

Barn Fire - 2/19/20

5 Clouser Hollow Rd


Engine 4, Tanker 4 and Tanker 4-1 were dispatched for a barn fire in Spring Township assisting Company 8. 

Structure Fire - 1/18/20

978 Dum Rd



Company 4 was dispatched for a house fire in Saville township assisting Company 3. Chief 4-2 was first to arrive on scene where he found the house well involved. 

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